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TowlHub charging station for electronic devices


Dan Whitlatch had an idea for a paper towel holder that was also a charging station for electronic devices; he needed to have the entire idea from concept to production done.


Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering was able to help Dan Whitlatch conceptualize his product and create: virtual prototypes, 3D prototypes made with their 3D printers, a circuit board design, as well as implemented traditional fabrication methods to get his product ready for production. This also made it possible for Blue Dolphin and Dan Whitlatch to find out if the product had any flaws that needed to be addressed before mass production began. After several iterations, Towlhub was ready to be produced in mass quantities. Since TowlHub was being made for mass production, Blue Dolphin used injection molding as less expensive production method. Towlhub made its debut on the cover of Sky Mall Magazine and quickly became their number one selling item.

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