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Natural Gas Compressor Piston


Texaco needed a Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of their new Natural Gas Compressor.


TJ Cross Engineers came to Blue Dolphin when they needed to have a dynamic finite element analysis done on the pistons in their new natural gas compressors. When TJ Cross Engineering was unable to perform the analysis, Blue Dolphin’s state-of-the-art testing lab was able to accommodate the request. In the testing lab, Blue Dolphin was able to show the dynamic deflection of the piston while in use, and was also able to determine that the new compressor would be able to operate optimally for a long time without additional servicing. The analysis assured Texaco that the system would perform well and was a worthwhile investment. With Blue Dolphin’s ability to run tests like these, they have the capacity to help customers save on costly investments by ensuring the product will operate efficiently and not need costly additional service maintenance.

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