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Suspension for Pulse Power Wheelchair


Sunrise Medical needed a new suspension system for the Pulse Power Wheelchair.


Sunrise Medical is the second largest durable medical equipment distributor in the world, and was in need of a new suspension system for the Pulse Power Wheelchair. When Blue Dolphin received the design specifications from Sunrise Medical, their design and engineering team immediately noticed that the suspension system was far more complex than usual. Blue Dolphin redesigned the suspension and simplified it with an elegant yet simple design. The suspension was also less expensive to manufacture and worked far better than the original design that was given by Sunrise Medical. After several iterations of prototypes, the design was finished and the Pulse Power Wheelchair was released to market at a better price; plus the overall functionality of the wheelchair was superior than the original designed. Furthermore, Mark Jackson, President of Blue Dolphin Designs, was awarded a U.S. patent for the industrial concept used to design the suspension wheelchair. The Pulse Power Wheelchair is still in production using the same suspensions system Blue Dolphin originally designed and manufactured.

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