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Liberty Park, near ground zero in New York City, was in need of Solid State LED Lighting because the current florescent lighting system had failed twice in the short time they had been installed.


In Liberty Park, there were 400 fluorescent light fixtures in the ground that had failed twice after only being installed for a short time. B-K Lighting was contracted to design a new Solid State LED Light that would not need to be replaced as often as the fluorescent lighting. Blue Dolphin is the design arm of B-K Lighting, and they were ready and well equipped to undertake this project. The new LED lights had to look like the old fluorescent style lights that were previously in the ground, which was the biggest hurdle to overcome. Blue Dolphin’s ability to quickly and accurately produce a preproduction prototype of the new light left the Liberty Park representatives very happy with the design. However, they asked why Blue Dolphin did not make the new lighting Solid State LED Lighting like they had previously asked. CEO and owner of Blue Dolphin Designs, Mark Jackson, responded, “it is Solid State LED Lighting.” The design was so close to the original fluorescent lighting that the Liberty Park representatives could not tell the difference. Since the new Solid State LED Lights have been installed (2009), they have not needed to be been replaced.

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