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J.A.M.M.A. (Joint All-terrain Modular Mobility Asset) V-22 ITV


The United States Air Force needed an armor system designed for their unit that could easily be installed and removed when necessary and stay within space allowances.


The United States Air Force approached Light Racing to design the J.A.M.M.A. system. They wanted to solve their issue of being able to easily install and remove additional armor; and design the “BEAR CAGE” rollbar system for The Flyer Gen ll ITV ground unit that is transported by the V-22 Osprey. Light Racing came to Blue Dolphin wanting to take their design from concept to a working, production ready unit. CNC machining was implemented to create the prototypes, as the units had to be as close to the actual production version as possible, and check functionality as well as weight elements, which were extremely crucial for the final design. The J.A.M.M.A. V-22 ITV was finished and is within the five-foot square space that the unit has for transport aboard the V-22 Osprey. Blue Dolphin successfully finished the J.A.M.M.A. project and was turned over to Force Protection for production.

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